General Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to Teleo University based on spirituality, ministry zeal, academic ability, and their current role as a pastor, Bishop, church planter, or spouse. Teleo University is an educational institution for those who are already in vocational or bi-vocational pastoral ministry.  Teleo University provides Theological Education by Extension through correspondence curriculum facilitated in study groups called T-Net Training Centers. All Teleo University students are expected to participate in a T-Net Training Center study group.

Academic Requirements

Certificate: Admission requires the student to currently serve as a pastor or church leader with authorization to implement ministry assignments in a local church context.

Diploma: Admission requires a secondary school degree or successfully passing the *General Educational Development (GED) tests. The student must currently serve as a pastor or church leader with the authorization to implement ministry assignments in a local church context.

Bachelor’s Degree (International Students): Students residing outside of the United States may apply for a bachelor's degree that meets international accreditation standards but does not include the general education course requirements for the United States Department of Education (USDE). 

Bachelor’s Degree (USA Students): Students residing in the United States seeking the Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry begin in the Diploma of Pastoral Ministry program. They can upgrade to a bachelor's degree when they complete an extra year of general studies (30 semester credits). Teleo University does not offer the government required bachelor’s degree general education courses but welcomes the transfer of these general education credits from partner schools and other institutions. For more information, refer to the Transfer of Credits Policy and General Studies Policy. There are three options to upgrade from a diploma of pastoral ministry to a bachelor of pastoral ministry:

  • Option 1: Transfer credits previously earned from other institutions.

  • Option 2: Take the required 30 semester credits of general studies while completing the pastoral ministry program.

  • Option 3: Complete the 30 hours of general studies credits and transfer them to Teleo University within three years after completing the program to upgrade from a diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

Master’s Degree: A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited or recognized school is required to enter the master’s degree program within the Teleo Graduate School of Ministry. Students with a lower grade point average lower than 3.00 (GPA) may be accepted on a conditional status. If the student achieves a cumulative GPA of 3.00 after completing one year of study, the conditional status is removed, and the student’s classification is changed to regular status.

Doctoral Degree: The doctor of ministry is unique in that the prerequisite for this program is the successful completion of the Teleo University Master of Divinity. The DMin is a natural continuation of the MDiv and therefore is not available to Master of Divinity graduates from other institutions.


*General Educational Development (GED) tests are a group of four subject tests which, when passed, provide certification that the test taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills.


Spiritual Requirements: Belief and Character

Applicants must agree with, personally adhere to, and support Teleo Universitys Doctrinal Statement. By completing and signing the application, the applicant promises to respect and comply with the student standards of conduct of Teleo University.


Applicants are to give evidence of Christian character and must maintain a lifestyle consistent with biblical standards of a daily walk with Christ. Teleo University serves students in many cultures around the world, and we acknowledge that some practices will be considered acceptable by Christians in one culture but not another. Therefore, Teleo University insists that the Scriptures be the guide for godly conduct for both students and faculty. Where Scripture is clear, we will be clear, but where it is not, there will be freedom and grace.


Christian Service Requirements

Serving is an integral part of the Christian life. Students enrolled in Teleo University are non-traditional students who are serving as pastors, church planters, and Christian leaders in the local church. Christian service is not something added to the course work it is integrated into the entire educational experience at Teleo University at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Serving and loving non-Christians and helping disciples grow is a way of life for those seeking to finish the Great Commission.


Policy and Provision for Female Students

Teleo University is proud to serve all evangelical denominations in training pastors and church leaders to finish the Great Commission. Our doctrinal statement is intentionally inclusive. It states what Christians have believed through the centuries around the world. Most denominations offer more detailed statements on specific doctrines, but Teleo University only requires agreement on these essentials.

Denominations and churches often hold to different views on women in ministry, but Teleo University does not impose either view on students or denominational partners.


  • Complementarian: This view generally teaches that while women are created with equal value to men in the eyes of God, they have been delegated a different role in the church that does not allow them to teach or to exercise authority over adult males.

  • Egalitarian: This view generally teaches that in the church, women are free to teach and exercise authority and serve in precisely the same way as men.


Policy Statement: All female pastors, evangelists, church planters, and spouses who desire to enroll in Teleo University, whether they are complementarian or egalitarian, will be allowed to do so. Provisions have been made within the curriculum and assignments to accommodate female students who are from denominations or a church that hold a complementarian position or whose cultural context limits them.

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