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Academic Programs

Programs Offered by Teleo University


T-Net School of Ministry (Certification Programs)

*MNOHE-authorized programs are government-approved and authorized degrees.

T-Net School of Theology (Undergraduate Studies)

  • Diploma in Christian Ministry *MNOHE-authorized

  • Diploma of Pastoral Ministry *MNOHE-authorized and ATA Accredited Program

  • Diploma in Church Growth (prerequisite: CPM) *MNOHE-authorized

  • Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry (USA Residents*MNOHE-authorized, ATA Accredited Program

    • This Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry degree is required for USA residents. The BPM meets the United States Department of Education general education requirements of 30 hours of general studies credits with one or more courses drawn from each of the following four disciplines:

      • Communication

      • Humanities/Fine Arts

      • Natural Science/Mathematics

      • Social/Behavioral Sciences

T-Net International School of Theology (TISOT - Singapore)

  • Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry (Non-USA) ATA Accredited Program

  • Bachelor of Ministry in Church Growth (Degree completion for DPM graduates) (BMin Program Guide

  • Master of Arts in Church Growth (MACG) 

T-Net Graduate School of Ministry (Degree Programs)

Asia Theological Association institutionally accredits Teleo University, and all programs are government authorized. Three programs are also accredited programs, as indicated above. See Accreditation and Authorization.


Download the current school catalog and find more information on academic policies, or download a selected Program Guide to view the program design, schedule, outcomes, and course syllabi with assignments and course content.

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