The Schools of Teleo University

Teleo University offers both undergraduate and graduate studies: Teleo School of Theology offers both diploma and bachelor undergraduate degrees and master degree studies are offered by the Graduate School of Ministry. 
Teleo School of Theology (Undergraduate Studies)

The mission of the Teleo School of Theology is to provide practical Bible-centered ministry training to church planters and pastors who are seeking to finish the Great Commission in their targeted locale and affirm their training by granting a diploma or a degree. Teleo School of Theology awards diplomas for those students who have graduated from secondary school and who complete a core disciple making leadership curriculum. For the bachelor's degree, Teleo School of Theology does not offer general education courses or provide the first year of undergraduate instruction toward the bachelor's degree. Applicants must have already completed an Associate of Arts degree or transfer 30 credit hours of general education, from another institution.


Teleo Graduate School of Ministry

The mission of the Teleo Graduate School of Ministry is to provide graduate degree education to pastors; training them to revitalize their current congregations as disciple making churches and how to coach a growing network of pastors to help finish the Great Commission.

Download a copy of our current school catalog and find more information on academic policies, program designs, outcomes, and course descriptions.
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