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Admissions Process

Students admitted to Teleo University are chosen based on spirituality, ministry zeal, academic ability and their current role as a pastor, Bishop, church planter or spouse. Teleo University is an educational institution for those who are already in vocational or bi-vocational pastoral ministry.  Before taking the following steps to apply we encourage you to carefully review the General Admissions Requirements page and review the Teleo University catalog.

Printable Application Worksheet - Download

Download a printable PDF application worksheet to gather the needed information before completing the online application as directed by your T-Net Training Center study group facilitator.


Step 1: Join a T-Net Training Center Study Group

Teleo University does not offer traditional classroom education. Teleo University expects all students to complete prescribed online studies and participate in a local study group facilitated by T-Net International; in the study group, students collaborate with group members and complete directed instructional activities. Visit to find a training center in your country or contact to find a T-Net Training Center study group there. Click here to view a map and list of countries with T-Net Training Center Study Groups.


Step 2: Submit the Application, Fee, Recommendations, and Transcript(s)

Applicants must submit the following items through their T-Net Training Center study group facilitator in their country or directly to the Office of Admissions if so directed:


  1. Admission Application: Begin the application process by completing the online application as directed by a study group facilitator in your country.

  2. Application Fee: Submit the $50 (USD) non-refundable application fee through your study group facilitator, or for further assistance, contact (NOTE: Diploma and Certificate students are NOT required to pay the $50 application fee.)

  3. Acknowledge Agreement: Affirm agreement with Teleo University's Statement of Faith and agree to abide by the school's policies and program requirements by checking the appropriate boxes on the online application form.

  4. Recommendations: Teleo University requires three recommendation forms for all new applicants. Provide the email contact information for your three references through the online Student Information System (SIS). Your three references will receive instructions by email and submit their recommendation confidentially through the SIS. 

  • Recommendation 1: T-Net Training Center Trainer-Facilitator. 

  • Recommendation 2: Personal Reference.

  • Recommendation 3: Ministry Reference.  

5.  Transcript Evaluation: Teleo University must receive secondary school (high school), college, or university transcripts to review and evaluate. The evaluation confirms if the student qualifies to begin the program for which the student has applied. To submit transcripts for evaluation:

  • Option 1: If your previous school offers official electronic (secure PDF) transcripts, request that your school send a copy to

  • Option 2: Submit a notarized copy of your official transcript(s): 1) scan (PDF only) and upload the transcript document(s) through your online account, or 2) provide the transcript document(s) to your study group facilitator for document upload, or 3) if requested to do so, email the scanned (PDF only) transcript document(s) directly to

  • Option 3: (USA only) If mailing a hard copy is the only option offered, have your official transcript sent to:


Teleo University
ATTN: Admissions
4879 West Broadway Ave
Minneapolis MN 55445 USA


Step 3: Receive a Notice of Acceptance

After Teleo University has received and processed your application fee and required documents, the admission office will send the applicant a notice of acceptance or non-admission. The admissions department will recommend an appropriate alternative program for students who do not qualify for a program.


Step 4: Access Your Student Account

Use the "My Teleo" section of, or directly access your Teleo University student online account.


Step 5: Pay Your Tuition and Proceed Through the Program

Teleo University enrolls students in prescribed programs of 9 or 10 four-month consecutive academic terms (36 or 40 months). Registering each term is not required because of automatic enrollment for each term's prescribed courses. If you pay your tuition and earn passing grades, you will proceed automatically from one term to the next throughout the program.

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