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Application to Teleo University

Students admitted to Teleo University are chosen based on spirituality, ministry zeal, academic ability and their current role as a pastor, Bishop, church planter or spouse. Teleo University is an educational institution for those who are already in vocational or bi-vocational pastoral ministry.  Before taking the following steps to apply we encourage you to carefully review the General Admissions Requirements page and review the Teleo University catalog.

Printable Application - Download

Download a printable PDF application to complete and submit to your T-Net Training Center study group facilitator.


The Online Application

Begin the application process by reviewing the steps listed below then Click Here to accessing the online application.

Step 1: The Application Process

Applicants must submit the following items directly to the Office of Admissions or through their T-Net Training Center study group facilitator in their country:


  1. Admission Application: Begin the application process by completing the online application at www.teleuniversity.org or by submitting a paper application to your T-Net Training Center study group facilitator in your country. Click on the “Admissions” tab to find the online application and instructions.

  2. Application Fee: Submit the $50 (USD) non-refundable application fee through your T-Net Training Center study group facilitator, or for further assistance, contact admissions@teleouniversity.org.

  3. Acknowledge Agreement: Affirm agreement with Teleo University’s Statement of Faith and agree to abide by the school’s policies and program requirements by checking the appropriate boxes on the application form.

  4. Transcript Evaluation: College or university transcripts must be evaluated and reviewed for eligibility when you apply. The evaluation is to confirm the student qualifies to begin the degree program. To submit transcripts for evaluation:

  • Option 1: If your previous school offers official electronic (secure PDF) transcripts, this will be your fastest method. Request that your school send a copy to admissions@TeleoUniversity.org

  • Option 2: For provisional acceptance, you may submit a valid copy of your official transcript(s): 1) scan (PDF only) and upload the transcript document(s) when completing an online application, or 2) provide the transcript document(s) to your T-Net Training Center facilitator for document upload, or 3) email the scanned (PDF only) transcript document(s) directly to admissions@teleouniversity.org.

  • Option 3: (USA only) If mailing a hard copy is the only option offered, have your official transcript sent to:


Teleo University
ATTN: Transcripts Department
4879 West Broadway Ave
Minneapolis MN 55445 USA


All credentials presented to Teleo University become the property of Teleo University and cannot be returned to the applicant. Therefore, we advise applicants to make photocopies of materials submitted for personal records and future use.


Step 2: Notice of Acceptance

After Teleo University’s enrollment office has received and processed your application fee and required documents, the admission department will send the applicant a notice of acceptance or non-admission. The admissions department will recommend an appropriate alternative program for students who do not qualify for a program.


Step 3: Create a Student Account 

Using the “My Teleo” section of TeleoUniversity.org create and complete your Teleo University student online account. Teleo University does not participate in government student loan programs and recommends that students do not borrow funds to pay tuition or fees.


Step 4: Register and Satisfy Your Tuition Obligation

Students enroll in prescribed programs of 9 or 10 four-month consecutive academic terms (36 or 40 months). Therefore, there is no need to register for each class because of automatic enrollment for the prescribed courses each term. Pay your tuition through the facilitator of your local study group in your country.