Teleo University Brochure

Printable Informational Brochure


T-Net School of Ministry (Certification Programs)

  • Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM)

  • Certificate of Pastoral Ministry (CPM)

T-Net School of Theology (Undergraduate Studies)

  • Diploma in Christian Ministry (DCM)

  • Diploma of Pastoral Ministry (DPM)

  • Diploma of Ministry in Church Growth (DPM is a prerequisite)

  • Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry (BPM)

    • The BPM for United States residents requires an additional 30 hours of General Studies credits with one or more courses drawn from each of the following four disciplines:

      • Communication

      • Humanities/Fine Arts

      • Natural Science/Mathematics

      • Social/Behavioral Sciences

T-Net Graduate School of Ministry (Degree Programs)

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)

  • Master of Ministry in Church Growth (BPM is a prerequisite)

  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin) (Teleo MDiv is a prerequisite) 

Download a copy of our current school catalog and find more information on academic policies, program designs, outcomes, and course descriptions.