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Teleo University Brochure


Printable Informational Brochure

Teleo University offers the following three-year distance learning Degree and Diploma programs based on the curriculum of T-Net International.

Tier 1 Core Programs:

- Certificate of Pastoral Ministry (CPM)

- Diploma of Pastoral Ministry (DPM)

- Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry (BPM, USA: requires 30 general education credits)

- Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry (BPM, International, non-USA residents)

- Master of Divinity (MDiv)


Tier 2 Advanced Programs: (Prerequisite: Tier 1 program completion)

- Diploma in Church Growth (Dip)

- Bachelor of Ministry in Church Growth (degree completion for Tier 1 DPM graduates)

- Post-Graduate Diploma in Church Growth (PGDip)

- Master of Ministry in Church Growth (MMin)

- Doctor of Ministry in Church Growth (DMin)


Basic Programs:

- Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM)

- Diploma in Christian Ministry (DCM)

Download the current school catalog and find more information on academic policies, program designs, outcomes, and course descriptions.

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