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Frequently Asked Questions

Teleo University is now the degree-granting partner for T-Net International. Teleo University is an educational institution for those non-traditional students who are already in vocational or bi-vocational pastoral ministry and church leadership. Teleo University provides Theological Education by Extension through a correspondence curriculum facilitated by T-Net Training Center study groups. (Click Here to Download this FAQ as a PDF)


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Is T-Net International an educational institution that grants degrees?

  1. The T-Net curriculum has been recognized for its outstanding quality and taught in many top seminaries in the United States. Still, T-Net International is not an educational institution but a training organization dedicated to establishing an indigenously led and funding disciple making ministry in every country.

  2. T-Net International is not authorized to grant degrees but has partnered with authorized seminaries, graduate schools, and Bible colleges to award degrees or provide courses for degree credit.

  3. T-Net has partnered with Teleo University as the degree-granting institution for programs based on the T-Net International curriculum. see


What does a T-Net Training Center student need to do to earn a degree?

  1. Continue to attend a T-Net Training Center (this serves as your Teleo University study group).

  2. Remain active in *ministry and authorized to implement assignments within a local church. (*Active in Ministry typically is reflected by the following roles: Senior Pastor, Associate/Assistant Pastor, Church Planter, Elder/Church Leader, Pastor's Spouse.)

  3. During Course 1 (or immediately if attending a later course), complete the admissions process.

  4. Pay the tuition and degree fees.

  5. Complete the Auxiliary Manual Assignments in Version 7.1.b.


How does a T-Net Training Center student complete the admissions process for Teleo University?

  1. In 2022 T-Net will release a new center management software that will allow a T-Net Training Center student to complete the Teleo University application online and upload the prerequisite transcripts. Until the new software is released, students will need to complete printed applications and submit them through their Training Center facilitators to forward them to their country director.  

  2. T-Net Training Center students and trainers (facilitators) should download a PDF copy of their program guide from the "My Teleo" section of the university website: The guide contains an application form, required reference forms, admissions instructions, and program overviews.


How does a T-Net Training Center student complete the required assignments for a degree?

  1. In 2022 Teleo University is completing a year-long self-study and receiving a final review for accreditation. The current Auxilary Manuals assignments for 1) the Christian Ministry Programs, 2) Pastoral Ministry Programs (Tier 1), and Church Growth Programs (Tier 2) meet accredited degree requirements. Students graduating in 2022 and beyond must now complete Auxiliary Manual assignments that match the proposed accredited programs.

  2. The new centers management, when released, will allow Training Center facilitators to enter Auxilary Manual grading directly into the system.

  3. T-Net Tier 1 Auxiliary Manual Version 7.1.b has the new requirements, and students using older versions of Tier 1 must complete these new assignments.


What Must Students do who have not used Auxiliary Manual Version 7.1.b?

  1. Submit all ten Student Course Reports with grades using your previous Auxiliary Manual version (6.0, 7.0, or 7.1)

  2. Complete the additional assignments contained in the Version 6 or 7.0 to Ver 7.1.b Required Assignments supplement and submit the grades using the final Student Course Report provided in the supplement. Download this and other resources at


When does a T-Net Training Center student pay the required tuition and degree fees?

  1. A T-Net Training Center student must pay the course tuition before attending or receiving the course materials. The course materials are provided free of charge to T-Net students that pay their tuition.

  2. All bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree students must pay $150 in degree fees. These non-refundable fees include an application fee paid at Course 1, an administration fee paid during Course 4-6, and a graduation fee submitted to Teleo University during Courses 7-9. Some students choose to pay the entire $150 when they apply, but most pay one $50 fee each year for three years.

  3. To ensure Teleo University awards are financially accessible to everyone, Certificate and Diploma students pay tuition but do not pay degree fees to Teleo University.

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