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Transition 2022

Transition 2022

In the year 2022 Teleo University is seeking accreditation through Asia Theological Association. Teleo University's commitment to continued improvements in curriculum and student services has resulted in program updates and the development of a new software for managing centers (study groups) and student data in the Teleo University Student Informational System. This new software is scheduled for release later in 2022.


This page addresses: ​What to do until the software is ready?

  • Step 1: How to apply for Admission to Teleo University

  • Step 2: How to complete the Program Assignments

  • Step 3: How to submit requests for Graduation

View the "Transition 2022" PowerPoint  

View the following videos that help students, trainers, and country directors with these three steps (Click the "CC" symbol to view the "Closed Caption" text. Then click the settings gear to see text in French or auto-translate the closed caption text into another language):

Step 1. Apply for Admission to Teleo University







Step 2. Complete Program Assignments



Step 3. Requests for Graduation

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