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Graduation 2022-23

Virtual Graduation Ceremony - May 20, 2023

Welcome to the spring graduation ceremony of Teleo University. Teleo University, in partnership with T-Net International, is committed to equipping pastors and church leaders to finish the Great Commission in their congregations, regions, and in every country of the world. Finishing the Great Commission in every country of the world so that no nation is unreached is what we call PROJECT ZERO because the mandate of “all nations” or “all ethnos” ends at ZERO.

Each spring, Teleo University will conduct a virtual graduation ceremony to honor all students who completed their studies during the academic year. We invite you to view the graduation at 10 AM Central Standard Time (USA), May 20, 2023, or watch the graduation later, as the video of this virtual graduation will remain available for viewing after that date. Click on the video image (available Saturday, May 20, 2023). 

To view with auto-translation: 1) click CC (closed caption). 2) click the "gear symbol" to open "settings." 3) click "Subtitles/CC" then click "Auto-translate" and select a language.  

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