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Writing a Research Dissertation

The Doctor of Ministry degree in the Church Growth program requires a doctoral dissertation (or doctoral thesis). The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is limited to a select few qualified students. Those accepted in the DMin program must author a research dissertation. For these DMin students,  Teleo University has partnered with GradCoach to provide articles and video tutorials to assist the dissertation writer. The articles and video coaching are free, but students may also use GradCoach to hire personal coaching. Use the links below to access video tutorials or instructional articles.

(Download a pdf: "Writing a Research Dissertation")

Grad Coach – YouTube Channel Videos

The Grad Coach Blog - Grad Coach Articles


Writing an Academic Research Dissertation

Students may use the research dissertation to pursue solutions to ministry a challenge or answer unique questions related to the growth and multiplication of the church toward finishing the Great Commission. Teleo University must approve the dissertation topic before the student proceeds.


  1. Teleo University must preapprove research topics during the first or second terms.

  2. The dissertation must follow the Teleo University Style Guide to Academic Writing. The only exception is if the student faithfully employs an alternative style guide suggestion offered by GradCoach.

  3. The required length of the doctoral dissertation is 50,000 words in length or approximately 200 pages typed and double-spaced.

   4. The dissertation must use a standard five or six-chapter outline. Place the Abstract and Approval pages first. Otherwise, both outlines are comparable. 


Teleo University Suggested Dissertation Outline

Abstract (150 – 200 words)

Approval Page

Title Page

Copyright Page

Table of Contents (list of figures and tables)

Acknowledgments (optional)

  • Chapter 1 Overview of the Study

  • Chapter 2 Precedents in Literature

  • Chapter 3 Design of Study

  • Chapter 4 Findings of the Study

  • Chapter 5 Summary and Conclusions or

  • Chapter 6 Conclusions (optional: separate chapter)


Works Cited

GradCoach Typical Dissertation Outline

Title page

Acknowledgments page

Abstract (or executive summary)

Table of contents, list of figures, and tables


Reference list

(click the underlined text above for GradCoach instruction)

Getting Started: Click on the following GradCoach tutorials. Return to this page and click on individual chapters and elements in the GradCoach Typical Dissertation Outline above for specific help.


How To Write a Dissertation or Thesis: 8 Steps - Grad Coach                           Dissertation Structure & Layout Explained - Grad Coach

NOTE: Completing a research dissertation does not excuse the student from writing the nine Ministry Project chapters integrated into the Core Module curriculum discussions. Also, all Church Growth program participants must implement the ministry project and write a 10-15 page Ministry Project Summary Report to present at Core Module 9.

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